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Originally Posted by Scott ZHP View Post
I see this all the time; and splice boxes buried in the wall with no access plate. It's a guaranteed code violation. Wire is wire, right?
A hidden splice box was one of the items the inspector failed on the first inspection. Of course, it was all new copper bc it was from this work and the copper from 9 yrs ago. The electricians had to install the access plate where we connected small can lights around the house. The little lights shine down from the edge of the roof to the ground around the house. They are on a couple different switched motion detectors so they light the best path when unexpected guests arrive. We can also turn them on when we are expecting someone.

That was one of those out of scope "Well, hell. While we're here, we might as well get that itch scratched, too." I'm bad ab that. But I will say that we like it a lot. The lights around the house provide a nice soft light and very good security.
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