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I also looked at the youtube videos. I successfully took apart my laptop and did the fan like this, I even managed to replace the screen in an ipod touch. This, however, not touching it! If there is a chance the place you pay $100 to fix it will screw it up - I think I'll probably screw it up. I took off the cover, took at look at it and promptly put the cover back on!

The $60 place is far from me and if it doesn't take it's gonna be a PITA to drive back and forth, so I'm afraid i'll be visiting the $99 place since it's just a few miles from my house.

It's only a 40 gig, but I have never had a problem since I unload stuff to a portable from time to time.

It appears you really can't get a new slim or a new-new superslim for less than $270 - so there's a $170 difference there - trying to figure out if it's worth it.

Wyb, you are welcome to shoot me a PM with an offer if you are interested - maybe If I can offset the cost of a new one it'll lessen the sting. I live in CT, not sure where you are (shipping etc).
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