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Originally Posted by heztheone View Post
i still don't understand how a Shark managed 20hp or even claiming it would go over 10hp, isn't it supposed to give u better throttle response and hit 7k RPM?

i agree with u Bob 100% regarding how to calculate gains off of any kind of tune since Dyno may not be 100% accurate (they tell u there is a margin of error and test results differ from one Dyno to another)
however each speaks from his own experience regarding companies that do custom ECU remap. the remapping industry is similar to any other, it's a tough competition and at the end most of the reputable companies will give almost same numbers for almost same price (similar to why u have Subaru STi and Mitsu Evo, people choose one over the other based on personal preferences and style) but at the end both cars are neck to neck.
where i'm at, Upsolute is very popular, and in drag races it's proven to provide very decent gains (i realized that we have only 1 Dyno in the whole country, and it's not accurate ) so no dyno's can be provided, however drag races provide a decent evidence and that Upsolute remapped vehicles gained noticeable HP and turned a drag race's result upside down.
my Dyno is gonna be a a series of drag race with my friend's Z350, first on stock setup, second with only Headers installed, and the last with Headers + Remap.
this should provide better evidence than the Dyno does
I`m sure you`ll keep us informed....stay safe out there !
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