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Originally Posted by swajames View Post
It all depends how long you plan to keep the car. Keep it for the lease period only and you'd probably have paid less than you'd have suffered in depreciation over the same period had you purchased. Once you start getting out to six to seven years, though, leasing makes far less sense and it would, more likely than not, be better to buy.
Agreed, that's a quick way of saying what I was trying to say, lol.

However, an interesting concept is that although buying out my Lease (speaking hypothetically to use a specific example) would cost me $4-$5K more than if I were to purchase outright.... would the fact that I could keep a large chunk of cash in the bank be enough to offset that, considering the benefits of Leasing as a "trial period before embarking on the full purchase" are worth some dough, and of course the fact that I could keep as much cash to my name as possible due to spreading the payments out so much for so long, I wouldn't ever have to put all that much down, still be worth it? It's interesting to consider that.

Nobody ever really Leases with the intent to buy, because the high residual is too much a turnoff, but pretending that someone isn't in the Lease to "get out in a few years", and actively puts their money to work for them (to hopefully more than make back that $4K and then some due to getting the benefits of having that extra cash as an investment cushion), it might actually be a feasible option as well, if they just didn't want to part with their own car.
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