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No matter how you try and sell yourself into believing anything else, the fact remains that BMW's are not reliable cars. Especially, if you follow the "no maintenance-maintenance" schedule that BMW recommends (since it out of their pockets.) Sure, you may have a car right now that hasn't given you any problems. Consider yourself lucky and count that as the exception rather than the norm.

These car manufacturers will put their R&D dollars into where they think it will help sell the car. Toyota has built an image of a reliable and boring brand so that's what they focus their R&D dollars on because if not, then they will immediately get blasted in the press and such about how their cars aren't reliable. BMW, on the other hand has built their image on sporty and fun cars so that's where they focus their R&D dollars on. If they made a car that handled poorly, they would immediately get blasted from all angles. In theory, they could design a fun and sporty and reliable car but that would take lots of R&D and there's only so much money each manufacturer can allocate to each area.

The other fact remains that BMW has the highest lease rate of any manufacturer so most people only have the car for 3 years before they're given up and sold to another person. Usually, during this 3 years, nothing will go wrong and of course, there's no maintenance to bother the owner with so many people who lease these cars report that the car has been great. Of course, ask everybody with the N54 engine and I'm sure they'll tell you that keeping that car past 100k or was it 120k (that bmw extended the warranty on the hpfp to) if they think the car will last and I'm sure they pause before answering.

Good luck to all that think their BMW are reliable. Know what the positives of your car are and accept the negatives. Stop lying to yourself because we all know BMW are not reliable cars but they sure know how to make fun and good looking cars.
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