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Originally Posted by jadnashuanh View Post
For their size and weight, and with the V8, it can be surprisingly efficient on a long trip. But, put it in stop and go, or a heavy foot, and it will suck fuel. Want to have better fuel economy, petition BMW for the diesel...the 535d has about the same torque as the v8 which is what gets you going, and the fuel economy of a much smaller car. If we do ever get a diesel in these, it will more likely be the 530d which has more torque than the 535i, but not quite as much as the 550i and is down on power some. On the EU extraurban cycle, the 530d gets amazing mileage, and much better in the urban cycle, too.
Well, I've done several pure highway runs on a full tank of gas. The best is about 23 mpg, worst was 18 mpg. Most of time, highway mpg is 19-21 mpg. City and highway combined is 15-16 mpg. I do admit 65-70 mph is not my thing. If the road is empty, I am doing 85-90. But if you tell me to drive slower then there is no point to get a V8.

I was part of the focus group research by BMW about GT. That was the first thing I said, bring diesel over. I also told them, they would need to shed some weight on the car.

Let me share this story that started my obsession with diesel. I picked up this GT via European Delivery. I was in Northern Italy, very close to South Tyrol region. The road was empty and I was chucking along at 110 mph. All the sudden a 530d GT blew by me. I pedal-to-the-metal and got the car to 130 mph but I didn't feel I was closing the gap.

Few years have gone by, my lease is about to conclude. I just got a MB GL350 Bluetec. Awesome. This car is even heavier and less aerodynamic than GT, it yields 20-21 mpg combined and 24 mpg highway. NYT article averaged 26 mpg on highway, I haven't done that. I am trying.

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