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Originally Posted by mason View Post
Well, I've done several pure highway runs on a full tank of gas. The best is about 23 mpg, worst was 18 mpg. Most of time, highway mpg is 19-21 mpg. City and highway combined is 15-16 mpg. I do admit 65-70 mph is not my thing. If the road is empty, I am doing 85-90. But if you tell me to drive slower then there is no point to get a V8.

I was part of the focus group research by BMW about GT. That was the first thing I said, bring diesel over. I also told them, they would need to shed some weight on the car.

Let me share this story that started my obsession with diesel. I picked up this GT via European Delivery. I was in Northern Italy, very close to South Tyrol region. The road was empty and I was chucking along at 110 mph. All the sudden a 530d GT blew by me. I pedal-to-the-metal and got the car to 130 mph but I didn't feel I was closing the gap.

Few years have gone by, my lease is about to conclude. I just got a MB GL350 Bluetec. Awesome. This car is even heavier and less aerodynamic than GT, it yields 20-21 mpg combined and 24 mpg highway. NYT article averaged 26 mpg on highway, I haven't done that. I am trying.
Thanks to all for sharing here.

There is no doubt that fuel efficiency in a diesel is clearly superior, particularly if driven on the highway a lot. This aspect together with the torque advantage are the reasons that the majority of big luxury cars in Germany run diesel.

My family and I fell in love with the GT (for me admittedly not a love at first sight) while driving 1 week across Germany last year in a rental 530d GT. This engine ran so smoothly and its torque made it absolutely capable of handling the weight of the car. The engine was barely audible at Autobahn speeds of 100 -130 mph and the available power felt always sufficient. Since this car can easily go above 130 mph your encounter with 530GT in Europe doesn't surprise me.

That said, the currently offered US diesel option, at least in the X5, is slighlty less convincing. We have an X5 35d that my wife mostly drives and while we are overall satisfied, it doesn't compare in refinement to a large gasoline engine or other diesels I drove (e. g. the mentioned 530d GT). It may have to do with suboptimal insulation due to the X5 body design, but it feels relatively rough, particularly at lower speeds. Also, the mpg advantage doesn't fully play out in mostly city driving.

BMW's decision to bring over the less powerful but newer in concept 3.0 diesel in the 5 series may therefore not be a bad idea if fuel economy is a priority. Maybe this engine will eventually be offered in the 5 GT also.
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