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Temp gauge suddenly spiked to red Help!

I have a new to me this Christmas a 528i meticulously maintained. 190k or 188k miles. I was driving around home today and noticed that my temp gauge was suddenly sitting in the red area. I limped about 2 miles home and shut it off. Let it cool down an hr or two then topped up the expansion tank. It was down only a cup or 2. I fired it up Revved for a minute r so. The gauge was at normal. I drove around the block maybe twice then the gauge stared to climb. Got it in the garage just as it hit red again and shut it off. The rad hose back into the thermostat was cool and out to the rad the hose was very hot. No expansion tank leaks. The hoses were soft and squish able. It seemed like a t stat or water pump sudden failure.

The previous owner had great records so I looked them up and the same issue happened only 11k miles ago and he had the t stat. Water pump and thermostat and all gaskets and vent screws changed at the BMW dealership where he bought it. Now I am stumped as to what this may be. Any ideas???

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