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Thanks Fudman. I have put only about 200miles on the car since I got it. It has never happened until last night. I followed the bleed procedure to the letter as it spewed out a bit of coolant on my 2 mile limp home. Since the bleed it appears to be fine. I ran it last night 2am! And no issues. The expansion tank only dropped about 1-2 inches below the filler neck when I checked this am. Just got back from a 1/2 hour drive and the gauge is right where it should be. I'll check the tank later. I think your onto something as after having the dealer change those parts 11k ago something must be going. I will keep digging

I noticed that after my drive today. And last night for that matter, the hose going from the rad to the t stat housing was not warm at all. Does the rad really cool off the coolant that much? It was 26 F at the time outside

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