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Dilli: no clue as to what was installed but as I said all work was done by a large BMW dealer I am thinking allparts are BMW. I could be a premature failure.

Mcsimon: it was below freezing and I only hit 1-1.5k rpm in the mile or so I limped. I hope it's fine! This just happened last night so I am on a run
,test, check mode today and will be till I find the culprit. I am suspecting a small air leak as another possibility but it will take some time and monitoring.
How do you "check" the head gasket without pulling the head?

Kmorgan: had the heater turned way down but after my bleed, the gauge and heat from the heater were fine

I still would like to know what is the standard temp for the hose going from the rad back into the motor. After my test drives, both times I check it by grabbing and squeezing it and it was room temp or even a bit cooler. Like no coolant is flowing but the temp gauge says it running normal. Do BMW rads work that well?? No hissing out the vent hole or very warm rad cab like went it first spiked. Now they seem fine too. Just puzzling I though any return water line to a liquid cooled engine should be at least a little warm to the touch....
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