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2005 545i slight slip into 2nd gear?

Hi everyone!

I just bought a 2005 545i with 77K miles and noticed a strange behavior:
When I start accelerating from a light, under light throttle driving in D, the transmission would change from 1st into 2nd at around 1500-1600RPMs and I feel a slight slip before it fully locks up. If I accelerate harder the issue is less pronounced or outright gone. DS mode will stay in 1st longer and higher RPM so doesn't have the issue as much either. I have done the transmission 30 second reset already and it has lessened the issue a bit
I've done a good amount of searching and reading and it seems Bimmer owners say this is normal behavior? This is my first BMW so I'm just not sure. Should I do a transmission fluid change? Not a fan of BMW's "lifetime fluid" concept...

The previous owner had all records and it seems that all "prone to fail" items on this model has been changed out already such as mechatronic sleeve, valley coolant pipe, brake vacuum booster etc. All maintenance done on schedule as well pre-purchase mechanic (the shop a good friend's been using for 10 years) said everything is good and checks out.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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