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Originally Posted by chinesestunna View Post
Thanks! It's only been 80 miles since the reset so I guess I should give it more "learning time" but I'm very wary of all BMW's maintenance schedules such as "lifetime" transmission fluid and 15K motor oil changes (seriously?!).
I'll get the shop to quote me on the fluid change since around 77K it's about due per my experience with other cars. I usually do my own but in this case it seems shop may be able to do it cheaper, as is case with motor oil where 8.5 quarts of Mobil 1 0w40 + filter = $85 and the shop can do synthetic BMW 5w30 for $80 (the hell?!)
Yeah, but in this case you might want to go with ECS Tunings kit, the fluid alone from the dealer will run about $250 (~$20/qt), then you need to get the filter. Also, to drain fully takes a loooong time, the tranny drains quick, but it takes hours for the fluid to drain from the torque converter. I would do it myself just to save the shop time for the complete drain since it makes no sense to have a mix of old bad fluid with clean fresh new stuff. Definitely get it done before 100k miles.
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