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Stick with OEM fluid, in my opinion. has a good price on a kit with the pan & fluid. I would recommend buying a few pan bolts just in case. I almost stripped the head on a few of mine and was glad I had some new ones to put back in in their place--If I had reused them I'm not sure I could have ever gotten them back out if needed.

Also, reset adaptations after you change the fluid, don't just do the 30 second hold the pedal on the floor "trick". It's never done squat for me.

Have it reset with INPA or one of the other BMW programs after changing the fluid. After I changed mine I didn't do a real reset and thought I was going to need a new transmission after about 20 miles (severe jerking in 5th gear..) Resetting it made a huge difference.

Ultimately I had to replace some solenoids in mine to fix some other issues, but now everything is smooth as can be (187K miles )
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