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Originally Posted by H F View Post
I had the exact problem that u described on my 05 545..
I had the tranny updated and the problem was solved ,, it's been close to four years now since I had it done ,,,, the tranny has never surged again,,
Ur getting good advice on a tranny fluid change , I just recently did my third tranny fluid change at 90,000 mi, and she shifts like new ,, I think it's crutial to maintain the tranny fluid clean,, due to the silinoids getting clogged when fluid is not changed frequently.

Hopefully a simple fluid change will do the trick,, but having been thru the same problem an update will defitnately fix the problem,,
Thanks for the info and it's a huge relief knowing it won't be a several $K problem. Is there a version of the software I should ask for or just "flash latest build please"?

Originally Posted by pjinca View Post
I agree, but I forgive their foibles in spite of that because the car is so much fun, and so comfortable to drive. I love the car enough to realize that every car has it's quirks, no matter who makes it, and I love the drive in this one enough to deal with them.

That said, it is stupid that BMW doesn't do software updates as part of regular maintenance. The fact that it sometimes requires an 8-10 hr coding of the entire vehicle makes it even worse. Then knowing stealers charge ~$250 to do it? Yeah, it can be infuriating.
Exactly - imagine if Microsoft/Apple made users pay to get security/function patches for their software. Thanks for all the info/help!
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