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Originally Posted by chinesestunna View Post
Careful with VM, my friend have had bad experience with USB passthrough layer where he bricked a phone. I'm a bit weary of DYI as well but almost feel compelled to do it as a principal of not wanting to deal with Stealer and BMWs silly no update policy. I've registered on and and will be doing more research before attempting anything. After all, bricking a $60k car isn't exactly like bricking a $60 router or $600 phone.
It depends on what tool(s) you are working with

For WinKFP it can run natively (although it only runs on 32 bit versions of Windows so I would use an XP 32 bit VM). The DIS and ISTA/P and ISTA/D versions that are out and about require either they be ran in a VM, or you can buy a hard drive with a native install, and then they will run on specific hardware (usually Lenovo X61 laptops is what I have seen them run on). If using ISTA/P or D natively, as far as I know you HAVE to use an actual ICOM device (or replica from China at least). For WinKFP or any of these software options via VMWare, you can get an emulator on eBay for about $75 that will let you use a regular ICOM cable.

I have not been able to get ISTA/P to work properly in VMware + emulator. ISTA/D seems to work fine though.
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