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New to the forum here and I have a similar question to that of the OP.

I took my 06 530xi to the shop and while it was there they said my coolant level float in my coolant expansion tank was broken off. I bought the car used and have no idea how something like that could happen, but regardless, they then tried to scare my into having it replaced for $400! First off, I think I could do that myself. Secondly, since I never saw the original float, I don't know how big it is or if it's a threat to getting into the rest of the coolant system.

As I'm writing this, I'm wondering if the onboard computer keeps track of the coolant levels and if the computer's readings could be affected by a broken float?

What would some of you folks do in this situation? I was thinking of just replacing the coolant expansion tank, but I'm far from a skilled mechanic, so there is a bit of hesitation on my behalf. But for $400, I could buy all the tools and parts needed and then have some left over.

Secondly, and unrelated, the car has 112k miles on it, with no record of the spark plugs being replaced. Should this be done? The onboard computer says they have another 80k miles left, the shop said do it ASAP! Again, I've been looking up some DIYs and think I could do this for less than what they quoted, if it needs to be done at all. Any thoughts on this?

Finally, they said they discovered a slight oil leak that should be looked into further. From 100-110k, I put 2 quarts of oil in the engine. I figure if the oil leaks at that rate, I can just continue to top off the oil when needed. Any thoughts here?

Thanks for your help.
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