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Originally Posted by digitaldriver View Post
By the way - has anyone on this board ever been to Saudi Arabia? What I found absolutely ridiculous, is that 75% of the cars still had the dealer sticker in the window (!)
Wow! Never knew this! Would definitely like to know the reason. Maybe the car's aren't registered and the 'owners' plan to turn them around and sell them as new after their month-long joyride?

Originally Posted by digitaldriver View Post
they generally mean what they say. Unlike some places in the US, where I felt you chatted with some stranger for 5 Minutes and they invite you to their home and what not (without actually meaning it), you wouldn't ever experience that in Germany. People will only ever give out genuine invitations, and typically show their "real face" in most situations
Kid you not, was talking to two German girls at a bar recently and they said the SAME EXACT THING. They said how annoying Americans are in saying "I'm not your friend anymore" to someone one night, only to go back to being best friends the following morning, stating same would never happen in Germany, as those aren't words meant for taking back. They also mentioned the "how are you's" with hollow meaning, as you state.

Otherwise, way off topic, but when I was on European Delivery I noticed how Germans completely bump and shove into each other (strangers) at bars to get from one end of the bar to the next without so much as a peep, hand raised or fist thrown. Not guys 'accidentally' bumping into guys, but guys pushing aside and nearly taking down girls (and vice versa); major confrontation would be had in the US! This was in Munich.

As far as vandalism goes, correct me if I'm wrong, but regardless of the jealousy, Germans (and Europeans as a whole) are far more careful with others peoples cars when parking next to them, correct(?); where they take care in not causing door dings, etc.? If true, I suppose it has to do with their car-loving culture?

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