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Originally Posted by DTANDJT View Post
It's the ignition switch . Had to replace mine. Battery light was flickering. Then the computer acted weird and my cruise control wouldn't work. It wasn't the alternator. After replacement, everything was fine. It was about $200.
Wow, this may indeed be the most enlightening clue so far. I've been wondering if mine was the cause because I've had some other strange behaviors. Every once in a while, the starter will not engage on the first try. I have to turn the switch off and then on again before it will start. This happened intermittently last winter and then sent away when it got warm. I was still under CPO warranty when it was doing it last year but the dealer looked at it and said they couldn't do anything because it was an intermittent issue. The battery light never came on then, though... Ever since it started getting cold here this year, I've had the same issue creep up. Today I was actually experimenting with the switch and strangely enough when I turned the key to position 2 and let it sit there for a couple of seconds before starting, the battery light would not flicker. Safe to say something is screwy in there. I think you may be right. Is the ignition switch a relatively simple DIY? I'm a bit bummed that I replaced an alternator that wasn't bad but I'll be relieved once this is solved. Thanks for your post-
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