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BMWs at the Toronto Auto Show.

Just got back from Toronto where I arranged to attend the Toronto International Auto Show while I took care of other business.

I was going to do a great comparo of 'booth babes' complete with photos but somehow managed to leave my camera at the hotel. I just didn't feel professional asking for poses with my iPhone for equipment. You'll have to take my word for it, the Rolls Royce/Aston Martin babes were hot in an elegant way, and the Fiat babes pegged the cuteness meter. BMW had no babes. They had younger and middle aged guys in suits, looked just like a showroom which I suppose was the look they wanted. Boring....

Which leads me to the point of my post. Orange peel. Or the lack of it. A month ago I was at the local dealership perusing the latest model and as usual I was disappointed by the orange peel in everything from 1'ers to 7's. Awful. A 100K car with wicked orange peel. How depressing. The average Corolla or Fiat 500 has better paint.

While visiting all the booths at the CIAS I paid close attention to the quality of paint. I left BMW for last figuring I would be spending the rest of the day there. I was very surprised to see that NONE of the cars on the floor had orange peel. The paint was as slick and smooth as if it were still wet.

I figured something was up and it wasn't that BMW was using a new paint process. After discussing the disappointment of the CIAS not having the new 4 like the Chicago show did we talked paint. I asked about whether these cars had been wet sanded and buffed. The guy actually admitted that, yes, in fact every car on the floor had been wet sanded and buffed!

I can understand wanting to make your product look good, but I think they are misleading the public into thinking the car they get is going to look as good. It won't. Seeing those cars though does have me thinking of wet sanding and buffing mine.

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