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Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
Which leads me to the point of my post. Orange peel. Or the lack of it. A month ago I was at the local dealership perusing the latest model and as usual I was disappointed by the orange peel in everything from 1'ers to 7's. Awful. A 100K car with wicked orange peel. How depressing. The average Corolla or Fiat 500 has better paint.
That is pretty rough...!? I don't think I've seen more clearcoat failures on the road than I have Corollas. My guess is that even if you did wetsand your cleacoat, you still* would have thicker paint than what is on a Corolla. Honda doesn't have a great rep either, and the last car I measured paint on was a Honda CRV, only a few years old, and the great majority of my readings were under 100 um. However Mazda is probably the thinnest of them all, I'd guess our BMWs have double the thickness in comparison.

Originally Posted by Zooks527 View Post
Shilling mercilessly for my daughter's science channel on YouTube (, I feel obligated to note that she explains this between 1:18 and 1:53 in the video linked below. The thumbnail for the video even uses her sharkskin illustration.
Cool video! Subscribed. When she poses the "homework assignment", the immediate conundrum that came to mind was, even if an absolute beginner, I so far cannot sharpen my (entry-ish level) chef knifes to a satisfying level. So far, trying a lower grit double sided waterstone, and a fine grade Spyderco. While I'm 100% certain it is user inability, and we've probably perfected the tech(s) about as far as it will go already, I still am scratching my head to figure out where in nature I could look towards for biomimicry... Hmmm...
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