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Originally Posted by Elmanzah View Post
Every time I drove an American car over the last 20 years, I was left hating the experience! Whether it was the terrible seats or the cheap plastics or the poor design or the un reliability or the TERRIBLE sales experience at the show room, it was just an aweful experience. I don't think I'll ever buy an American car again.
I've had good luck with my American cars over the years. In fact, I have not owned an American car that burned oil....but my brand new 550 burns oil and it's "normal". I used to drive the heck out of my cars (50, then 90 mile one way commutes). They would all end up much higher than 100k miles. Now that I work out my home, it's not as bad (50ft commute bed to computer), but I still drive when I take vacations (1200+mile trips). I would rather take any of my American vehicles over my wife's 330 over any decent distance. Finally, my wife's 3 is in about the same condition then her Grand Prix was at the same age/milage

I would also take an American truck over any non-US trucks. (and yes, i mean trucks and 1/2, 3/4 ton sport utes). The Tundra is nice, as is the Sequoia, but I prefer the Suburban or the F Series.

I will give you points for the cheap plastics issue...especially GM.

That said, I have had horrible sales experiences with Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW. Mrs. Stonehauler and I are both engineers, have good jobs (and no kids), but when we walk into a Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, or BMW dealership, we are overlooked, passed by, and generally ignored. Why? Most likely because we are not in the 40+ crowd. I have not had the same experience at Ford or GM.

When I walk in ready to order my car (all but one of my cars was a factory order), I know EXACTLY what I want, and what I do not want, and I will ask for their bottom back and forth, but their best deal the first time. I will have a list of options and I will already know the price both wholesale and retail. If they are within $500 of each other, I will go with the one that is closer to me or has a better service dept, but if a dealership has ignored me, my wife, or was a general pain to deal with...they will not earn my business no matter how good their price might be. Nor will I go there to service. I drove 50 miles to service my Lexus previously. There were dealers closer, but I believe that it's good to reward a dealership that does right by the customer.
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