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Airbag light: code 8- firing circuit, side airbag, rear right side

After I changed the regulator on rear right window, the air bag light came on. This was the second regulator I changed. The code from B800 scanner was 8, table 10 which points to firing circuit of the rear right side. After I reset it, it came back the next time the key was turned on. I check the connector and one of the outside legs having locking hook was broken; however, the legs that push the shorting circuit were good. When I put the lock piece down, the resistor measure between 2 wires was 0. When I lifted the locking piece up, the resistance was 2.2 ohm. The connector seems to work fine and I think the outside locking leg did not cause the problem. I exchanged the airbag with a different one from other window (a 3rd regulator broken I changed after this one), it still showed the same code.
What else should I checked. I read forum mentioning about lock spring on other car but i cannot find one for this car even from part diagram.

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