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Bought a wrecked 760Li for parts. need help with starting system

So, for those of you who have been following my issues with my 760Li and the gas in the Tank Vent system, I decided to buy a 50K mile rollover-wrecked 2004 760Li to try to get some fresher HPFPs and also, maybe a fresher engine, tranny, you name it. The interior, besides some glass particles, is in great shape, and the wrong color for my car, so I can sell it.

here's your pics

here's me dealing with the PVC system leaking into the intake plenum whilst upside down, and vacuuming the hydrolocked cylinders out

here's hydrolock, for those of you new to it

before I fixed the hydrolock I charged the battery and jumped the car's terminals from the engine bay (since the BST had been blown) and got a half turn on the engine , and then it was stuck. It was then hydrolocked. I figured this out by going under the car and hand-cranking.

problem is, I kept trying various types of jumping, thinking maybe there just was not enough amps. I jammed on the starter button for several attempts. I am afraid I blew something, after trying so many times.

The fuse 42 in the glove box (50amp) is fine.

Now that things are better with the engine itself, and I can turn it by hand crank, I cannot get the starter solenoid to click. Other relays click, and fuel-type stuff happens, but the solenoid simply does not click at the starter. I verified with a pal pushing the button while I listened with a stethoscope to the solenoid and starter, under the car.

I verified there's 12v at the big cable coming to the solenoid as well.

The BST has been re-coupled, drilled thru and screwed together, I also still tried jumping it with another vehicle from the engine compartment, in case the BST was not a good connection. No click from the solenoid.

We know the solenoid used to work, before I Jammed on it while the engine was jammed up, because I did hear it try to turn the engine about half a turn.

Is there a starter relay? A fusible link? I can find NO info in TIS, on the web, in pictures, even on's diagrams. Nothing.

any helpful clues on where to look?

if I can get this to start and run, I can verify the condition of the pumps and might have me a nice 50K mile powertrain for my 135K 760Li.
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