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Novel, yes

Originally Posted by Davidf View Post
So, that is your "novel" approach to fixing HPFP issues. I guess you are right, novel. So, what did you pay for the wrecked car? I am guessing less than 5K (cost of two fuel pumps)? Hope you did not bend a rod trying to crank against a hydrolocked piston.

It was a bit more than $6K with Copart fees, taxes, transportation, the buyer's fees (in California, you need a licensed buyer). The final bid was $5200. I knew I was in for the other fees.

I could have gotten two pumps for around $4200. Then I might need MAFs soon, and an alternator someday, and cats ($$$$$) and O2s, and a transmission, DMEs, window motors, other modules, etc etc.

With 135K on my car, and I want to keep driving it, I need a source for younger wear parts. Seat motors, even. Heck, the rear trunk lid motor is nicer and faster and more sturdy than mine.

My kick plates in the door sills are toast. These ones on the wreck are in great condition.

If my HPFPs were NOT dead, I would consider selling my 135K mile car and the delta of it's sale price, and buying another used one with say, 80K miles, would be about $4000-5000. That would be the only smart way to go. No doubt.

But the pumps "are" dead, and now the delta of walking away is more like $10K to get a newer 760Li. But still, not that new....

Then I get into an 80K car that has all the above named parts to look forward to dying again.

Plus, I get to learn the car on a crash course. Nothing like a wreck to learn on. Where you really start to learn is when you start sawing it to pieces.

Did it with Fieros, back in my mis-spent youth, my FD Mazda RX7, My 300ZXs (had a few wrecks), even my Insight.
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