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Originally Posted by pharding View Post
Do all hitches require you to cut either gravel guard or the rear bumper?
YES. (Assuming we are speaking of the X3 because it has no pre-cut factory notch in its gravel guard like some other vehicles such as the X1 and X5).

Originally Posted by pharding View Post
What are the dimensions of the notch opening that needs to be cut into the gravel for the invisi hitch?

The notch in the gravel guard needs to be approximately 8 inches wide (side-to-side) by 3.5 inches deep (front-to-back). You can see the removable gravel guard in the attached photo, with an area marked for cutting the notch.

It is a smooth-edged notch that looks like a factory notch if done correctly with a dremel tool. (But you are only going to see it if you stick your head under the vehicle).

Originally Posted by pharding View Post
How does the BMW F25 X3 Trailer Hitch Kit stack up against the invisihitch?
Poorly in my humble unbiased opinion

The current Group Buy gets you the invisihitch receiver and bike-rack connector delivered to your door for $600. So it is price competitive with the dealer hitch. As for feature comparisions:

* The invisihitch is completely undetectable when not being used, whereas part of the dealer hitch is permanently visible.

* The removable part of the dealer hitch relies on a plastic handle that tends to break. We know this because some BMW dealers now install the invisihitch as a result of this recurring problem.

* The dealer hitch uses a non-standard, shallow receiver depth. This can be a problem when some bike racks "bottom out" as they are inserted into the receiver. That is, you cannot insert the bike rack deeply enough to allow the holes to line up for the cross pin. The invisihitch uses a standard, 6-inch depth receiver which allows all bike racks to insert and attach properly.

* The invisihitch is available natively with a 1 inch opening or 2 inch opening. This eliminates the need for adapters and their associated rattles and keys.

* If you plan to tow, the invisihitch has a higher towing capacity and a zero forward/aft play ballmount.

I am sure there are other differences I have neglected to mention. I am not aware of any differences that are to the advantage of the dealer hitch over the invisihitch.


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