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Misfires after engine cleaning

Hey guys. New to the site and posting on a phone so it's hard to search. I recently cleaned my engine(99 540/6). I followed procedure and covered all electrical connections and the alternator. I sprayed engine brite on, let stand for 15 minutes, then sparingly misted the entire compartment making sure to stay away from those connections.

I let the car dry for a day, then drove it 3 times in 2 days, with it running great. Then I came out and started it, and got rough idle, coughing, stalling and CEL. I read the codes and they are misfire codes w/ fuel cut off for cylinders 3,4,7,8.

I popped the ignition coil covers, and their was no pooled water; however everything was damp. Since they are cheap, I was going to replace the spark plugs and boots for those cylinders and see if that cures my problem. If that doesn't work I'm guessing the next logical part would be the coils. Is their anything else that could cause my issues, and is my first course of action a prudent one?

Thanks for the help!
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