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330d sport auto

Hi I,ve just pick up my 330d Beemer with suspect gearbox problems. I've drove it from Devon to South Wales with no problems, the symptoms were as you engage it D or use the sport settings it takes a while to start off, you have to pick the revs up a bit b4 it goes once moving it was fine. BUT. As I got home I noticed in trafic it was getting worse, parked it up on my drive for 10 mins and noticed a pool of oil on floor, so drove it to my mates garage, well the AA had to finish that one off as I lost drive, I've got, it up on ramp oil everywhere but can't really find out where it's coming from, think its the torque converter, my questions Can you buy a new torque converter and fit this or is this specialist job, I was going to try new fluid and see how it behaves, b4 I bite the bullet on a new box.
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