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Originally Posted by casper View Post
Iphone is superior to any android phone, is about the quality of the product, hardware and OS are designed to work together, BMW has a similar philosophy , is about the quality and performance. Android may have more market share than Iphone, like toyota has more market share than BMW. Germans know about engineering, quality, and performance, is not surprising that BMW would prefer Iphone over android. Maybe Honda and Toyota prefer Samsung and HTC android phones? who knows?
Agreed. Apple is firstly a better company for BMW to align themselves with, as Apple has a strong and focused brand image that is purely about aspirational status (i.e competes and portrays itself in a solely premium-field type of way), yet makes lots of money doing so, and gets its products into massive amounts of hands (sounds like BMW's M.O).

The craftsmanship/workmanship/material selection alone is enough for BMW to "look good" being aligned with, as it mirrors how BMW likes to present their own in that field. Jony Ive is considered the greatest Industrial Designer in the world, and many BMW designers have literally said that Apple products have inspired the design of their entire current design language, not to mention BMW designers have said that the new trend of White being the hottest color on a car is due to Apple, i.e when they started putting white around their iProducts. Point being, BMW has a massive respect and credits Apple for pretty much their entire design philosophy. They even put a wannabe iPad in their 6ers.

As for software, I think Android is good (I have one now), but I think iOS is better, yes it may lack some features but the mating of hardware/software is so fluid, I have no crappy Samsung bloatware to deal with, etc. etc.

The GS3 has served me well but compared to my friends iPhone 5, there's absolutely nothing my phone does better. His phone is much faster, the OS/icons look classier, his screen is much sharper, pictures look accurate (the GS3 shows far too much over-saturation, and has less PPI than the iPhone 5), his Apps are MUCH better (I miss so many iOS Apps or versions of Apps that are better on iOS, like CNBC for Stocks, for one), his phone is thinner and lighter, my screen is bigger (a pain to carry around but it's the one thing that is keeping me with my S3, that and the fact that I got it so cheap I was literally paid in gift cards by Best Buy since I used different discounts applied toward it during Holiday Season), to keep it. Of course, his phone looks and feels "expensive" and classy with all aluminum and Gorilla Glass, while my S3 has tacky looking faux-aluminum which is just silver painted plastic, mediocre-at-best fit finish, and a cheap plastic plastic material quality and look and feel for the asking price (plastic is of such low quality it's the type that gets easily greasy and fingerprinted.... though I have a case over mine so it's less of an issue I guess). Oh, and his Camera even blows mine away.

Experiences will vary, and people like to really dramatize one OS over another, but IMO Apple gets lots of unwarranted flack these days, as I feel they still put out the best products when you judge them on a grand scale, and have a business model which is unique and has revolutionized the business world, been copied by EVERYONE, and is quite inspiring, IMO.
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