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Originally Posted by Espresso View Post
use an OEM integrator like the PPI ENT-5B it has high level inputs for speakers & 3 RCA outs for front, mid & SUB. No need to mess with anything. Hook that up, run RCA's to amp hook up amp as normal.


google "OEM integrator" & you will see what I mean. Installed many & have one in my Suburban,
So what ur saying is keep everything the same but just wire the new sub ( 12" 150wattrms) to the oem amplifier? Im completely reomving the OEM sub deck so they wont be in use anymore but i dont kno if the stock amp is strong enough to power my sub.

and i might eventually use the stock enclosure in the rear window for the sub but for now its in a separate box in the back of the trunk. ill post a pic prob this weekend when its all in.
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