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Mein Auto: 2000 528it
Water inside...grrr

Car: 2000 528it
Rant: EVERY BMW that I've owned now (5) has leaked water inside.

On the old 5ers, I cleared the sunroof drain tubes; no problem. On this car, I'm not sure where to go, because the water manifests differently every time. It always happens when it rains. It doesn't seem to happen after going through the car wash. My driveway is a little steep; I park pointed downhill, with one exception.

1) This morning, after it rained hard all day yesterday, I backed out of the driveway onto the road. When I started moving forward, water started dripping out of the passenger rear ceiling speaker.

2) One other rainy day, I noticed that the ceiling was wet above me, driver's side, just in front of the sunroof. I started dabbing at it with napkins and it dripped and dripped, soaking about 5 or 6 napkins before it stopped.

3) I came back from a short trip to Florida, the car having been parked in the airport parking lot, flat, for 5 days. I know it snowed one day, and it might have rained. When I got in the car, there was a puddle of ice in the passenger front floor.

4) Several different days, when it has rained, there has been condensation on various of the windows of the car. There doesn't seem to be a pattern as to which window might have condensation on it.

5) One day there was moisture on the driver's side door sill.

6) Another time, there was moisture on one of the passenger door sills; I don't remember if it was front or back.

I have searched the archives and read numerous accounts related to drain tubes becoming disconnected on the front of the sunroof "cassette," whatever that is, and about moisture barriers in the doors not being sealed (?). I've had numerous other cars where this barrier hasn't been well sealed but the cars haven't leaked, so I must be missing something about the design of BMW doors that makes them, um, special.

Please help me prevent this car from becoming a mildew-infested wreck...

Thanks for any light, or dryness, you all can shed on this problem(s)!
Marc in VA
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