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Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
If that was my X...I agree with upallnight and would check the CCV...your video looks like the classic failed membrane/diaphragm that tears/rips and allows oil to be sucked in to the intake...which then results in the oily smoke from the exhaust you see in the video you posted.

The video upallnight posted was for the N62 engine...which has 2 membranes on each cylinder head..which is also very easy to access since they are on top. But your X5 has the m62TU engine...and the CCV on that engine is located on the back of the engine...and is a bit more difficult to tackle.

Edwin (e38 owner from the Netherlands) who is an excellent DIY'er has a video up on youtube that shows how to simplify the CCV DIY job on the M60/M62/M62TU engines...take a look and also do the test with the oil dip stick & tube to see if you can hear the gurggling and feel the sucking from the tube:

...the CCV (on the m60/m62/m62tu) is #2 in the diagram below & part nbr is at this link:

Question: Is it possible for there to be a tear in the rubber diaphragm and oil to be sucked in occasionally? lets say under high load etc?

My problem is only happening every couple of days and never on start up. Its only after the engine has warmed up (about a good 15-20 mins of my 40 mins morning drive) that it seems to be happening.

I took this into account and have been driving like a granny (rarely going over 2k revs). Since driving like this it has only blown smoke maybe once a week and usually on a wednesday (i do about 150kms of complete highway driving).

So does this still sound like a ripped/torn rubber pcv diaphragm? Maybe a very small rip?
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