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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Based on this note today from another thread, and, noting that the cable recommendations in the first post of this thread are about 18 months old, I wonder if anyone has an update on the cable situation lately for USB cables on modern PCs?
OT... but not really. I installed INPA as per your instructions (and the instructional PDF). Thank you. I am using a new USB/OBD II connector.

Opps... almost forgot; I have a 2004 545; 6 sp MT... all stock.

I have seen pictures of the INPA interface with the battery and ignition round indicators either "lit" in black or in clear. How can you tell if you are connected and communicating?

Are there instructions on how and when to connect, when to start the engine, etc...

Also, the instructional PDF on page one of this thread says to start INPA (_.IPO). What about INPA (_.IPS)? What's the difference?

BTW, awesome job here!
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