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Originally Posted by petriej View Post
I think it's funny that my first thought of this month's calendar picture was: "oh cool a sunset."

Living on the west coast has been interesting for me. Certain things are ingrained, such as occasionally I will think of towards the ocean as being east, and towards the hills as west.

But sun over water never feels like a sun RISE to me. So the picture of Jon's car in the foreground with the ship and sunrise int he background threw me a little. Gorgeous shot. I just wonder how anyone could get up early enough to take it
It's trickery buddy, the ship (which is the aircraft carrier Yorktown a sister ship of the Hornet in Alameda, CA) is moored in Charleston Harbor and faces north. But the Yorktown obscures the city of Charleston in the background. So that is a sunset! Pic taken about 630PM. Thanks or the compliment!

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