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Originally Posted by ggalanis View Post
I agree with BJ about the whole deconstruction thing.
You should not be getting what most people consider a luxury brand car and strip out the luxury from it to save $. You get the options you want, skip on options/packages you don't want.
If you can't afford what you want in that car, you probably are looking at the wrong class of car.
I always tell people to look at what they can afford/willing to spend on a car.
Then once you have that number in hand, look at cars that when configured with all the options you want, are at or under that price point.

If you can get past the badge on the car, you will be happier with a loaded "less expensive to start" car than a stripped down expensive brand car.
If you can't get past the badge, and place a lot of value in it, then you'll love your stripped down 3 series…. But then don't complain when people rolling around in a Kia have more features in their car than you do.


$37,000 base cars only become $50,000 luxury cars by loading them.

$50,000 luxury cars only get down to $37,000 base cars by stripping them.

BMW is a luxury brand, so the elevator is heading down when it gets deconstructed, feature after feature that you expect in a luxury car get lost. Conversely, Volkswagen is a base brand, so the elevator is heading up when it's being reconstructed.

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