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My issues started at about 22 months of the vehicle's service and 10 months of my ownership during my first real winter experience.

My two "Drivetrain Error / Low battery Charge now " episodes caused me to learn a lot about the battery charging system supplemented nicely by input from fellow GTers in this forum. My measures are not aimed so much at prolonging the battery as they are at ensuring that I am not surprised when I go to start the vehicle.

This is my first experience with an AGM battery and a vehicle that has so many features that depend on power. Given that the design intentionally shuts down what are pre-determined as non-essential systems to preserve starting power I wouldlove to be able to understand electrical system architecture and the vehicle's resultant software program.

I can understand frustration felt by magnumforc and his wife. That a new battery did not cure the many disprate issues on their 2010 GT makes wonder if the vehicle's software program is somehow at fault. If I was the SA I would want to "format the disc" and reload a certfied new program to basically start from "zero baseline" and see what happens. If nothing changed then I would suspect some kind of physical wiring issue that would be difficult to pinpoint unfortunately.

Given that he had issues with his 2011 as well I also wonder if they live close to any High Voltage transmission lines that may have induced program changes in the software that affected his vehicles and that is beyond the box in which the dealers' service departments can't address. If you are reasing this mag, has any of the above theory been considered?

It has always been my experience that all dealers are not "created equal" when it comes to service and for mag it seems that dealer service skill may be one of the planets that has aligned to place him where he is today, a place where mostly all of the rest of us do not find ourselves.
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