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Originally Posted by PK2348 View Post
That part is actually true. I can only speak for myself, but if i have to pay for performance, i will be paying for a Porsche, or take a cheap route and get a BRZ. Besides BJ, who is dilusional, most people realize that a car is a car, nothing special about BMW that cannot be substituted by another car manufacturer. If they chose to change their business model by turning 3 from sport sedan to a luxury sedan, they should not be surprized if they find themselves faced with a need to acquire a whole new customer base.
Well, the F30 is proof-positive of that, no?

Not like some recent college grad in BMW's design department made some sweeping decisions about the F30 and won some boardroom battles here. BMW spent millions of dollars over the course of years to determine exactly what the next gen 3 Series Sedan should look like, the customers voted, and here's what the sheetmetal says they said:

"We want a car that's bigger and wider."
"We want a car that has a softer ride."
"We want a car that doesn't steer like a truck."
"We want a car that has a bigger back seat and more legroom."
"We want a car with a bigger trunk."
"We want a car with an exciting interior."
"We want a car for the modern tech age."
"We want a car with better gas mileage."
"We want a car that's faster from 0-30 because we never drive 0-60."

The reason the F30 won't fail, can't fail, is because it was designed specifically for BMW's real customer base- baby boomers born in the late 1940's to mid 1960's who are getting older, wider, have growing children, have empty-nest couples they hang with, etc.

A young guy in Brooklyn who reads discussion forums and buys into the performance myth isn't who BMW is after. They'll appease you with a beefier suspension, bigger engines, bolt-on bumpers and the like, but you're not who the F30 is designed for. If it were, it wouldn't be an E39. It would be an E46.

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