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Originally Posted by dsackman View Post

Proof? Or is just 'cause BJ says so?

You are a VW loyalist and were rubbed the wrong way by my rebadge comment. I'm not here to mind your feelings. Be a big boy.

BMW is a luxury brand, one of the biggest in the world. They don't create the most important and most significant luxury car on the planet without creature comforts found on Jetta's since 2003 like garage door openers, folding rear seats, full Bluetooth, full USB, full-sized LCD's, leather, xenon's, navigation, moonroof's, heated seats, etc. in mind. Not like the F30 design team said "Hey guys, lets offer heated seats as an option! What do you think? Will some customers buy them?"

Just because Audi rebadges a Passat and builds from the ground-up doesn't mean that BMW does the same thing. Instead, they take a full-featured 3 Series and de-feature it to hit the low pricepoint that Audi, Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Cadillac, and the other rebadges can offer. BMW's are luxury cars. They're built that way from Day 1. These other wannabe's build base cars, gussy a few models up, call them "luxury cars". That's the difference. Enjoy your BMW. Enjoy the badge. You sacrificed a lot for it.

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