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Originally Posted by SwissCheeseHead View Post
I wouldn't worry about it. Ground clearance shouldn't be a big deal unless you're driving through snow banks. In that case, you shouldn't be driving anything at all if you're that stupid to think you can do it in anything short of a monster truck. Blizzaks are a good choice, though they seem to be a little more performance oriented as far as snow tires go but is still very capable. I've driven through 5 inches or more with my lowered G37 without any issues. I'm assuming you're on stock ride height. Traction and stability control will keep you pointing straight. Studs are only helpful in ICE. They are no more effective in snow than a dedicated snow tire. Check out TireRacks testing on studded vs non-studded tires. Besides studded tires are not comfortable at all and will destroy the roads in your area, hence why it's illegal in most states. Also, if going uphill, make sure you have enough momentum going up. Otherwise you will get stuck and possibly start sliding backwards. When going downhill, just take it easy, regardless of who's flying past you. You'll be laughing when their FWD car is up a curb or snow bank. Drive conservatively and you'll be fine.
++ Couldn't have said it better.

I've gotta take a pic of my car at my cabin sometime and post it.

Meanwhile, here's a pic of my Blizzak LM60-equipped 335d's tracks going up to our vacation house in E. WA. About 4" of snow, about 10% grade, about 2/3 up 100 yard gravel drive. Deer tracks.
Click image for larger version

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