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Originally Posted by jkeithgilbert View Post
Hello to all of you Beamer heads

I recently experienced a small problem with my X5 trany. (02 X5 3.0)

I was driving it several days ago and my 'Trans fail-safe prog' light came on. at the time it came on it seemed to be stuck in 3rd or forth gear. (It is and Automatic) when pulling off from the stop sign, it took a little bit to get going because of being in 4th gear. So I put it in Manual drive to see if I could put it into 1st gear and so on and shift it myself, bus as i proceeded to go I looked at my display to see what gear I was in as I shifted manually and it just seemed to skip around from gear to gear randomly on the display. I couldn't feel it shifting as the display said.

fortunately I was right by my home so I pulled it back into the garage asap!

I dont know if it is a mechanical prob. like fluid/filter or if it is the trany computer unit?

I did notice about a week or so ago the when I was driving that sometimes it reved a little higher befor shifting into the next gear. 1st and 2nd gear would get up to about the red line befor shifting. shifting is smooth, no klunking or such.

I had trans failsafe problems on my 2003 3.0 E53 x5 and repaired 2 months ago. The problem was MAF sensor and O-rings on the inlet air intake. Once these two were replaced I never had a problem since.
I also heard that the bad alternator will cause this problem as well. I hope this helps.
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