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Have you tried to reprogram the sunroof ? because if its tilting then may be it has lost its memory and has defaulted , or it may have become jammed and it will then not allow itself to go past that point . Check for the seal at the join of the two panels it sometimes comes unglued and will cause the roof to stop . Here is the way to reset start the car press and hold the center of the button upwards DO not release after about 60 seconds the blinds should close and the roof will go through all its functions , it will open and close several times DO NOT release the button until the both panels have closed and the blinds have also closed because if you do you will need to do the reset all over again . Please try that and if required there is a modification for the usual problem of the rear panel being stuck open its on PAGE 2 of this thread scroll down to the bottom and its there . Good luck . Howard

PS before you attempt a repair I will forewarn you , for an untrained person it could end in tears as these roofs are a bloody nightmare of flimsy brittle plastic parts . You will need to remove the whole interior roof lining then unbolt the whole sunroof because none of the parts can be fitted with the roof in the car . I have over 33 year experience and believe me even I have to allow around 8 hours to R and R the roof to install the most common parts that fail . In some case the parts you may try and repair are only available as a complete housing assembly , here in Australia its a $6000 plus part .

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