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From AT&T Navigator GPS to X3 GPS Navigation

For seven years used AT&T Navigator (originally Telenav) on my Blackberry then iPhone 4S and was very happy with it, except that I had to hold it in my lap and eventually got a charging cradle that blocked my access to the central dashboard console controls.

And, it would goof up occasionally and get me lost but not very often (live in the San Francisco Bay Area). Once I learned to trust it and let it correct itself, even if I felt like I was going in the wrong or round-about direction, would always get to my destination. I visit new clients in their home that can be located anywhere and that I've never been there before, I rely on GPS for my livelihood to get me where I need to go and on time.

My 2013 X3 iDrive 35i GPS system took some time to get used to; inputting the address was more work than on the phone using the iDrive dial, but I'm over that now. Love the soft solid voice over the radio giving directions, it is slightly more accurate than AT&T Navigator and more reliable as Navigator ran through the cell phone system which would drop out sometimes but the BMW system hasn't so far. The BMW GPS system is much faster re-thinking your route if you take a wrong turn. No hesitation, it smoothly and quickly makes adjustments as if nothing happened. The graphics on-screen are great, I've gotten used to zooming in and out using the iDrive dial and like it a lot. When I trust it and don't second guess it, it sometimes surprises me by finding faster routes that I thought I knew. The X3 widescreen display is wonderful, and I can glance at it and see where we're going while with AT&T Navigator I was dangerously looking down a lot at a much smaller screen.

The whole system works great, I can be listening to the radio, then BMW GPS turns it down to announce a turn coming up, then I can take a phone call through Bluetooth, all hands free - wonderful.

BMW does have to work on "places of interest" and finding places to eat or get coffee is still a little more difficult than AT&T Navigator was. Sometimes I'll just go to Yelp on my cell phone instead, then use the BMW GPS to get me to the recommended eatery.

The system works well, I go to at least two new locations I've never been to a week, and in a complicated environment like the San Francisco Bay Area, it's never let me down.

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