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Originally Posted by EmM HoLLa View Post
That's where we are sadly.. I've owned several high end cars used. I owned a 2003 Range Rover and I had warranty repairs in excess of $20k.. Transmission, Alternator, Radiator, and more all went on this car before the clock ticked passed 100k miles.

I owned a 2006 650 before my current one. I had an issue with active steering that one repair was $3500.. This was before the clock hit 60k miles.. This is all in addition to scheduled maintenance etc. I sold the car at 75k miles because there were some issues that I didn't not want to deal with as the car aged. I say all that to say this. Planned obsolescence is real and I truly believe these cars are engineered to run problem free until the warranty period is up. Which usually coincides with when the original owner moves on to a new vehicle and an unsuspecting 2nd owner has to deal with the headache of maintaining a money pit.

I mean it's no coincidence that most dealerships make the lion share of their money through the service department and the sale of used cars. It's all put together to systematically Rob folks of their coins or their peace of mind. For me I would rather lease and fix my costs and know that if anything happens I am covered.

I agree with you overall assessment of the situation. But would like to add planned obsolescence is usually refereed to as a product being engineered to be out of date quickly - not necessarily of bad quality or workmanship. Computers or a Ipad would be a good example. But this is a little different. And I would have to add that on this subject many are having problems within the first year of the new car, well before anywhere near the end of warranty period is involved. Let's call it was it is, if a product's components are designed to last no more than the warranty period - we would normally call it a lousy, or low quality item- be a TV, lawn mower or $100K car. Hate to think of BMW as the new Range Rover as their quality history is sadly horrific, as is their countryman Jaguar.

Leasing normally is a good alternative, as you turn in the keys every 2-4 years - but in my case I am looking for something nice that can be a keeper as it will be a low mileage pleasure car. Maybe it's a fruitless search.

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