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Need help understanding the AT issue

Hi Everyone,

Completely new here and first post. I'll preface with the fact that yes, i'm a "soccer mom", and not repair lingo savy. however, i'm not car naive either. I've read through almost the entire thread (forgive me for skipping over a few, it's 65+ pages) and feel like i have a good bit of information. Here's my situation.
i currently have a 325 with 180K miles. I'm a road warrior and have had zero issues until recenlty, and i feel like it's started falling apart... so i think it's time to get rid of it and get into a new one (well, used).
I'm in the market for a 2007 x3. I saw two options, the first that i drove felt flawless, but to behonest i'm not a fan of the silver w/ black interior. superficial, i know. The 2nd one, that i LOVE (white/beige) had all the bells and whistles, but made me hesitatnt during test drive. It had the exact sypmtoms mentioned here. i have a "heavy foot", and when i test drive, the first thing i do is check it's get up and go. (my 325 always feels powerful with quick acceleration). This one felt like it had some pauses- not upon intial acceleration, but a few seconds into it, and again on deceleration approaching a stop- both only at low speeds. I don't know if i'm explaining it right. my husband instantly said that feels like a transmission issue, and that it's not shifting/finding the gears properly. so i did a little search which lead me here.
I've asked the dealership to look into it for me, but am worried about all the run around people seem to have had. i specifically called back and mentioned the software updates and asked that they specifically look into that.
It seems like many people have had resolution with the softward updates (if this is it), but i haven't seen too many recent posts. I'm concerned that if this IS the issue, and they are able to update it and i test drive again and it feels OK, that it will come back.
does anyone have anymore recent updates on theirs?
my husband is pushing the one that drives "cleaner", but i just can't commit to it...
Either way I'll have them checked out by my own mechanic (BMW shop), but you guys seem to know so much on this forum that i'm reaching out here too!
I also had a question that may be all said this applies to the GM6s. are there any 07's that AREN'T the GM6? how can i tell? concerned the sivler one that drives nice now could also have the problem in the future... Thanks so much!
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