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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
335i & 335is have identical suspensions. 335is engine mildly and significantly enhanced.

M3 has a much better suspension and a naturally aspirated V8; loves >4k rpm.

"What's that mean?" you say. Well, M3 feels and is vastly more competent on the road. Thus, a premium price. Very rewarding on country roads or any time the suspension is asked to do something.

335i[s] can be modded to go faster than M3; can easily be fitted with M3 suspension parts - it's the same core really - just R&R w/M + 3rd party parts. Most are inhibited by the down time + expense of that.

Down low, 335i[s] can out-pull M3, yielding a bigger smile. Modded that only gets better.

Your thoughts?

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Thanks for the response!

Thoughts, hmmm. Well, i wasnt aware that the M was a n/a platform, so right there im glad we got the 335is.
The car we got is an "M sport" package, it felt significantly better than a standard 335, it says M on the door sills, steering wheel, and has staggered 19"M wheels, so i "believe" this car has M suspension already? I dont know fer sure though, is there any identifying visual cues the m suspension has that could help me to identify which suspension package the car has?

The car also has a black grille, mirrors and dual exhaust tips, the black looks sweet with the alpine white!

Thanks again for the help! I will try to post some pics later today, proof 'n'all for y'all....


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