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You can certainly get a spare tire like this one

while there is not room under the trunk, most people put it above the carpet and strap it

Fix a flat is ok but of course if you get a big slash on your tire its not going to work. mainly works for small puncture leaks.

Originally Posted by RBP3 View Post
I have a 2009 135 Vert with the sport package...just got it in December, and the tread on the OEM run flats is still good...better than 50%, but I have no idea how many miles are on them. I'm debating on whether to keep them till they need to be replaced or go ahead and ditch them for some non-run flats. I know I'll be happier with the new tires, but it's hard to get rid of good tread. Decisions, decisions.

My question is what are you (or others) doing about flats or other potential emergencies? There's no room for a small spare in the trunk like a 3 series, and I've been told that sealant/compressor kits won't work if the seal on the rim is broken. They will work ok if a tire is low, but not a flat. I drive a lot in the mountains, where there are lots of pot holes and rocks, etc. and I'd hate to spend hours stranded waiting on a tow truck.

Do you have a backup plan, or just going to take your chances?

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