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Originally Posted by Liverman View Post
There are two options:

6NH Hands-free Bluetooth and USB audio connection
allows you to dial/talk handsfree on your Bluetooth-enabled phone and import/play music via the USB pot from an iPod, MP3 player or USB stick/thumbdrive. In 2013 and 2014 this is standard equipment on both the X3 28i and 35i. In 2004/5 (way back in the dawn of time when the X3 was born from the ooze) this was an extra cost option (included with some package if I recall).

6NS Enhanced USB and Bluetooth plus Smartphone (2014) or
6NL BMW Assist with Enhance Bluetooth and USB (2013)
gives you the ability to stream music over Bluetooth and view & edit your email and calendar on your phone from the car's iDrive system. Features vary quite a bit by phone type. Here is where it gets tricky...
  • In 2013:
    • 6NL was available as a standalone option for $650 MSRP
    • Automatically configured in when you ordered Option 609 Navigation and include as part of the $2150 prices
    • Included as part of the ZTP Technology Package $3200 price. ZTP includes 609 and Cameras and Park Distance but NO Heads-up Display.
  • In 2014, the "BMW Assist" part was split out as a separate option "6AC BMW Assist eCall". BMW Assist eCall is standard equipment in both the X3 28i and 25i.
    • 6NS is available as a standalone option for $500
    • Included when you order 609 Navigation for $500 extra (Note the difference with bullet two). Nav alone is $2150. With the 6NS it is $2650.
    • Included at a no extra cost option when you order the ZTP Tech Package (Nav + Heads-Up display - note the changed content) for $3150
It is these package composition and pricing that we are discussing, especially since it has changed between 2/1/13 and 3/6/13...

If you want to see what phones & music player s integrate with your car, go to this site:

Enter your phone and the type of Bluetooth/USB (regular or enhanced) and you'll get a list of supported features for that specific phone and carrier. USA site. There are probably similar sites in other countries.

Great reply.

So basically they took a no cost 2013 Nav add on (enhanced USB) and made it a $500 mandatory add on with 2014 Nav (plus making the Nav costlier by $150). Not entirely reasonable when technology is getting cheaper by the day.
Can anybody confirm with their order that 2014 Nav + Enhanced USB is $2650 and not $2150?
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