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Meyle HD vs "BMW"

That front end feel can be subjective to each individual. Solid front end bushings to the chassis do transmit more road feel. The harder the bushing material, the more vibration transmission. I have been told offline that with the 4 rear subframe mounts that I am replacing, most people who use the solid rubber Meyle HD's were satisfied with the ride quality after installation. I have had more than several indy BMW master mechanics say only use BMW factory parts. One reason is when repairing a customer car, it won't come back due to cheap parts. That statement came true when I replaced my rad expansion tank with a Meyle tank. I saw a made in China tag on the outside of the box and installed it anyway. Little over a year later it leaked on a seam. R&R'd the cooling system with a BMW factory tank, still on the car. The BMW part was physically different from the Meyle part. I'll add a closing comment here after I do the 4 rear mounts and drive a few miles.
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