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Thank you for your help!

That warning message only came up once and that was for about 5 seconds? Because the problem didn't persist, I will look at it as a glitch until it reappears.

I went back to the BMW specialist who I use regularly. He read the codes stored and informed me there were no fault codes stored and that everything was fine (ie spark plugs/coils etc).

He then he went on to explain a lot of BMW 545's and 645's have come in with the exact same as I've been experiencing, where the car judders/vibrates fiercely when warming up (cold start). He suggested replacing the breather? I don't know what the exact name is referring to this component. I have attached photos of them below so you can identify what it is exactly.

He suggested replacing these breathers as most likely there may be a pin hole in the rubber as it's starting to get old causing the car to vibrate on cold start ups. The cars which had this issue improved after this part was changed. For 70 including parts and labour I agreed to have them changed. Since then thankfully the issue has not come back so I'm guessing his diagnosis was correct!

Also, he explained that I may have got this error on the iDrive due to the vibration as its trying to adjust fuel/air mixture as a result of the vibration? Something along those lines. Some of you may know what he is referring to.

The photo of the part is below:

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