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Poll: E39 Performance Caliper Upgrade

This one item has bothered me for some time. I know there are a lot of people that are perfectly happy with the performance of the OEM brakes on their E39's, but I do believe there is performance to be gained over the OEM single piston setup.

I'm hoping I don't have to rehash the benefits of a multi-piston caliper, but in short:

* Lighter Weight
* Less Heat Retention
* Greater Fade Resistance
* Uniform clamping force

Of course, the limiting factor is always price. We often have to buy a kit that includes new (though larger) rotors, brake lines, brackets, etc. I would love to have the option to just upgrade the calipers to offer a reasonable upgrade in performance.

As an automotive "enthusiast", I know that it's often times more economical to purchase a pre-built kit and not always beneficial to "upgrade" components that "work", but I cannot abide.

To that end...I've began discussions with a vendor that is a supporter of this forum to begin an R&D project.

The goals are simple:

a) Discern what manufactured calipers to use (e.g. Willwood,etc.)

b) Manufacture the appropriate brackets to adapt said calipers.

This post is meant to be a discussion on the topic as well as a poll to see how many enthusiasts would be interested in this upgrade.

All comments are welcome, but please keep things on topic.
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