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There is nothing inherently "wrong" with the OEM setup. It works fine when in good repair, but once you've experienced higher performance vehicles with higher performing brakes (yes...monoblock-type setups with 4 or 6 or 8 pistons) then you realize how limited these brakes really are. Any significant increase in power brings you closer to the threshold of that limit. I know I don't drive a 500hp beast, but there is absolutley nothing wrong with taking each area of our "Sport Sedans" to their zenith.

My goal has always been to maintain my cars to the utmost and when possible improve the function (and form) as I see fit.

There are brackets widely available for E36's and E46's that enable owners to adapt a wide array of mulit-piston calipers to suit there needs. I want the ability to do the same.

Something like this:

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